Thursday, September 6, 2012 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

How to beat stress

Stress is everywhere. In fact, stress is so prevalent in modern life that it is increasingly difficult to pin down exactly what stress is. Everyone is familiar with the terrible feeling of being under intense stress, being stressed out. When your heart rate goes up, you start sweating and it becomes almost impossible to do anything since your mind is racing out of control trying to get ahead if the stressful situation. This kind of acute stress is hopefully rather rare and doesn't last very long, but every time you experience this level of stress, it's not hard to agree that you'd rather not experience it any more than you need to.

Acute stress is easy to identify, but there are many other types of stress that can be a lot more subtle. Stress is constantly placed on us and the sources can be almost anything. Worrying about bills that needs to be paid, caring for sick loved ones, deadlines at work, even waking up in the morning to a glaring alarm. All these factors and thousands more conspire to heap stress onto us and keeps many in almost chronic states of low level stress.

Stress is not good for you. Stress provokes a response from the immune system which again promotes inflammation. Chronic inflammation plays a role in almost all current 'lifestyle' conditions. It plays a part in cancer, auto immune disease, allergies even type 2 diabetes. Stress is disastrous. It doesn't just affect the mind, it also has a real devastating effect on the body. Obviously, you want to reduce the level of stress in your life, but how?

Sunday, July 1, 2012 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

To be creative

The ability to create things of beauty is one of the most essential parts of being human. No matter who we are, everyone enjoys a splash of creativity in their life. Human creative expression takes as many paths as there are humans, from music, to writing, imaging, math, food,  physical expression and every other possible aspect of life.

Creativity breeds happiness. The joy of bringing something new and beautiful into the world is powerful. To shape your thoughts and give them form in real life is exhilarating. Yet, too many people look at creativity as the domain of 'other people'. The people with talent and skills that they can't match. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Creativity belongs to all of us. It's part of who we all are. In fact, the more each one of us embrace our creative sides, the more we will all benefit. Creativity is not just the stuff of fine artists, it's where our ideas are born. The more great ideas we have, the further we will come. But how do we blast up our creative output? Act like a child.

Thursday, May 24, 2012 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

The body and mind connection

A couple of months ago I hurt my back lifting a suitcase. After a very tiring trip that included weather delays, missed connections, an unscheduled night in New York, my back gave a little twinge as I pulled the last suitcase off the luggage cart and placed it in the back of the car. I've tweaked my lower back many times in my life so I didn't think much about it when it happened. Usually when I get little back pains like that they take care of themselves in about three days.

This time would prove to be different though. As the usual three days passed, my back did not get any better, it just kept hurting worse and worse. Forever reluctant to go to a doctor I gave my back two weeks to fix itself. By the end of those two weeks I was walking around leaning heavily to one side. I could not straighten my back without having severe pain. Rest and painkillers had failed me, I decided to go to a chiropractor.

Saturday, May 19, 2012 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

Moroccan Omelette

For people following a paleo or primal way of eating a good omelette becomes a staple food. Eggs paired with meats and vegetables are the perfect meal when ditching sugar and processed foods. The combination of the right kinds of ingredients and how easy and quick it is to make an omelette makes it a frequent favorite in my diet. It's such a perfect fit for the lifestyle that I find it's easy to get tired of omelette and eggs in general unless you add a lot of variety to this dish.

This Moroccan omelette is a great variation for anyone who has hit an egg-lull and are looking to change up their omelette routine. It packs a great spicy kick and is quick and easy to make.

For this exotic omelette you will need:

Olive Oil

4 eggs

12 Cherry tomatoes

1 red onion


2 red chili peppers

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp ginger

1 bunch of cilantro

Clean and cut the chilies into strips and finely dice the red onion. Chop up 2 or 3 (or 4) cloves of garlic. Add the olive oil to a medium hot skillet and fry the garlic, onion, chili and the spices until the onion is soft. Cut the tomatoes in half and add them to the skillet. Fry for a couple of minutes and add the finely chopped cilantro. Make 4 pockets in the mix to make room for the eggs. Crack one egg in each pocket and let the skillet sit on the heat until the eggs are done.

If you can't bring yourself to eat eggs with the yolk still running you can beat the eggs in a bowl before adding it to the skillet. I highly recommend cracking the eggs directly into the skillet and eating the eggs over-easy though.

Monday, February 13, 2012 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

The 4 deadly habits

Most people have a pretty good idea about what things are healthy and what is unhealthy. Sure, there are different opinions on what diet is the best and how much fat or sugar we should eat. Still most people will agree that smoking for example is not good for you, and that working out has some pretty impressive health benefits. Recently though. I came across the results of a scientific study that really put into perspective just how damaging certain habits can be.

The study followed 5000 Brits, with an average age of 44 years, over a period of 20 years. The researchers asked the participants 4 simple questions: Do you smoke? Do you drink more than three drinks of alcohol a day? Do you exercise less than two hours a week? And; Do eat fruits or vegetables less than three times a day? That the people who answered yes to all of these four questions weren't models of health is probably not surprising, but how serious the effect were caught me at least by surprise.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

Don't trust your doctor

A couple of years a ado my daughter broke her arm while she was playing with her brothers. As upsetting as it was at the time, a broken arm usually heals pretty cleanly and without further incident. That was fortunately the case with my daughters arm, but the healing process thought me a valuable lesson: Never trust your doctor.

It's not that our doctor did anything wrong. My daughters arm healed without complications, he followed up on her progress regularly and gave us good feedback on what to expect and how long the recovery process would be. I am assuming that my experience was pretty identical to what happens to thousands of unlucky bone breakers every day.

Friday, December 2, 2011 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

Rule your genes

One of the most common excuses for being overweight, or having poor health is to blame it on genetics. People often say and think that they gain weight or get sick based on some predetermined configuration of their genes. It is true that our genetics play a huge part in how we look and function, but blaming genetics for physical problems is very often nothing more than an excuse.

It is a common misconception that our genes lay down a blueprint for our lives that can't be changed or affected. That getting overweight is unavoidable because they carry an unfortunate set of genes that makes them predestined to obesity.

Blaming genetics is a very easy out, but it is false science. The truth is that while the genes give a number of set rules for how you grow, look and metabolize food, that is all they are. A set framework for how your body works. Within that framework we have tremendous opportunity to determine our own health.

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