Thursday, December 23, 2010 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

Starting the primal journey

Probably the most common way to start a primal journey is through food. Eating a primal diet has huge advantages and is an absolute key ingredient to achieve the strong healthy bodies we are supposed to have. The benefits are almost endless. Personally, since going primal and cutting out all refined sugar I no longer get migraines. This one benefit itself is more than enough to justify going 100% primal for me, but the list of positive changes for me is much longer.

One of the most potent draws of the primal lifestyle is the effortless weight loss it promotes.I have lost a lot of weight since going primal, but this effect is actually secondary to me. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to be losing weight steadily,  the real powerful change for me is that I am now in control of my own health. It is a profound and empowering concept to take responsibility for yourself and your health. I no longer blame weak willpower, poor metabolism, bad knees or any of the other convenient excuses I used on myself when I was a sugar eater.

The truth is that when I was eating 'normal' I was not in control of my own cravings and eating habits. Attempts to eat 'healthy' and restrict the number of calories turned out to be virtually impossible. I could beat myself into submission for a month or two, but I would feel like crap, always be hungry, and ultimately go back to the way I used to eat before.

I used to blame myself for having such weak willpower that I couldn't stick with a 'healthy' diet. In the back of my mind though I always had a nagging feeling that being healthy shouldn't be a struggle. It doesn't make sense that my body would rebel against the healthy food I was eating. Of course, now I know that what is commonly seen as a healthy diet is actually quite the opposite. My body was doing what I was asking of it by feeding it terrible food. To break out of this pattern and know what kind of food my body will actually thrive on is a huge psychological breakthrough. I feel as if I am reclaiming my own body that's been hijacked by messed up dietary advise and mass produced food that should not really be considered food at all.

Being in control of myself is the essence of primal living for me. It has allowed me to reverse a downward health spiral, but it also manifests itself in many other areas of my life. The concept of taking control and simplifying can be applied to so many different aspects of your life with fantastic results. From relationships to what you do for fun, being actively in control of your own life enhances everything. I am only starting to scratch the surface of all the potential benefits for 'primalizing' my life. I can't wait to find out where this mindset will take me.

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