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Making money from writing

If you are looking for ways to make some extra money online there's no shortage of options. There are more different approaches to making online income than you could ever hope to sample. It also seems that one of the most popular way of making money is to tell other people how to make money. You could spend the rest of your life buying and reading money making guides that basically are just ideas on how to do online marketing.

Promoting products, either your own or through affiliates programs is probably an excellent way of making money. The potential earnings are certainly great, and selling products is the essence of making money no matter where you look for it. Unfortunately, I am not a good seller, the idea of selling things is just not appealing to me. For people who love to sell stuff the internet has opened up unbelievable opportunities.

Most of the advice I have seen for making money online is not really helpful to me personally. I realize that I could make some money by advertising affiliate products or even create my own products and work very hard at marketing them. I also realize that I don't have the interest to put in the work necessary to see meaningful results.

Luckily there are ways to make a little extra money without pouring your self into internet marketing. For me I have found some success writing articles for a few different outlets. When internet marketing gurus speak of article marketing they talk about submitting articles that promote products and drive traffic to their real money making business. I approach article writing as a freelance writing job. I write articles and publish them on websites that pay based on the traffic I can attract. The huge upside with this model is that costs absolutely no money to get started and there is no set up time. The down side is of course that you have to share revenues with the site owners.

I stumbled into article writing for pay. I've always enjoyed creative writing so I was looking for a way to publish a rant about the flaws of the system of mathematics. I found the site and was thrilled when I found they would even pay me to publish my ramblings. As it turns out, me going off on mathematics was not something that interested very many people, but the thrill of having my own work published online was more than enough to keep me going. As I published more articles I eventually developed a better sense of what kind of articles are likely to make some money and which ones won't.

The first site I published my work on was associatedcontent.com. They offer a flat rate per 1000 page views and also an up front payment for first publishing rights of well crafted content. This model has worked out very well for me and I've been able to make a little over $4000 which I am very pleased with. The key to that kind of success has been to keep publishing consistently and sticking with topics that have proved to be profitable. I have had the most luck writing about popular Facebook games and sports. Sports is a topic I am interested in, but Facebook games is more of a chore for me to write about.

When writing for the web you are a slave to what topics are actually read by other people. It's fun to write humor pieces about your crazy cat, but the audience for that kind of content is not going to make you any money. On the flip side, obvious page view magnets are subject to massive competition and unless you spend a lot of time learning how to place your content high in search engines you will be crowded out. I have been most successful by hitting niches, going after the slightly less popular games and topics where theres a lot less competing content.
Writing for these massive content mills have a huge advantage when it comes to people finding your content. Any site you pick to publish for will have a much higher weight with the search engines than you can hope to establish for your own website or blog. This fact alone can make it worth splitting the revenue as it makes it a lot easier to get your articles in front of many readers. In addition, the established content websites can be a great way to get your work noticed by larger outlets. For example, Associated Content where I started my publishing career was recently purchased by Yahoo. My articles on that website now have the potential of being picked up by sites in the Yahoo network. A huge lift in potential readership.

Associated Content has worked out very well for me, but there are many other options for people who want to try their hand at freelance writing. I have also been doing very well on xomba.com. Xomba's model is different from Associated Content. Rather then paying flat rates for page hits Xomba splits ad revenue from Google's Adsense program 50 – 50 with publishers. To get paid for work published at xomba you need to set up a personal adsense account, but when that is done it is exciting to see the money trickle in through the ad network. I like xomba's model a lot because the potential earnings are very high. Armed with some knowledge about how Google's adword program works it's easier to influence how much money you can make.

These two sites have been the most successful for me. I've experimented with other websites and revenue models, but in the end I want to focus my efforts where I get the best returns. If you are interested in making money as a freelance writer it is absolutely worth researching the different possibilities you have online. With some effort and persistence it is possible to build a very respectable income stream from article writing.

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