Friday, April 1, 2011 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

Accept responsibility

A very common piece of advice for reducing stress and negativity is to not worry about things that are outside your control. This really is great advice and a powerful way to remove many needless worries. What this piece of advice doesn't help with though, is identifying what things are truly outside your control and what is not.

Many things that affect our lives are obviously impossible for anyone to control. The weather for example, no one can do anything about the weather yet still it is a source of constant scrutiny and worry for many. Still, there are many things that are really ours to take control over that most people are happy to pretend are not their responsibility.

The first key to living a conscious, courageous life is to accept full responsibility for your own life. This means the difficult and long process of removing all mental tendencies to place blame on others and external events when the responsibility is really yours.

Examples of these kind of responsibility deflecting behaviors are many and it can be difficult to recolonize them. Often they are thought patterns we've developed over many many years. Typical examples includes getting angry when someone cuts you off in traffic. Most people blame the idiot in the other car for their bad mood, when in reality the only person that can control our moods are ourselves. Accepting responsibility for how you feel is difficult, but hugely empowering.

This is one simple example, but it soon becomes obvious that the same principle is true for an almost endless amount of events that shape our lives. No more blaming bad genes for being too heavy, or having too little time to get to the gym. Lack of money is no longer the reason for why you can't go on that vacation. Too tiered to finish that novel? Guess what, that is your own responsibility.

Virtually everything that happens in your life is a result of a choice you have made. Just because the choice is often made unconsciously doesn't mean it's not a choice you made. The path to a conscious life is to be conscious of every little decision you make, take responsibility for your choice and it's consequences.

This mindset takes great courage. Stepping up and assuming full responsibility for yourself and your life can be very frightening. The good news is that as with most other scary things, once you build the courage to face it, it is never as difficult as we think. Taking responsibility is hard, but the reward is great. Realizing that you have choices is often the pathway to great and extraordinary experiences.

Step up and accept that responsibility for yourself!

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