Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

Kefir health benefits

I've been drinking kefir since I was a little boy growing up in Europe. I drink it because I love the taste, but the numerous health benefits of kefir is a definite plus.

Inquiring minds can find list online with almost endless list of kefir benefits. Most of these lists are quite fantastic, and show up on sites that are trying to sell kefir seeds or kefir products...

I am not selling anything to anyone so I can be satisfied with a list of kefir benefits that are well established facts.
Kefir is a powerful probiotic. Probiotics are in contrast to antibiotics. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help establish and maintain a healthy gut flora. A well functioning gut is one of your best defenses against a number of health problems. In particular good gut health plays a crucial role in fighting inflammation. There is tons of information on the role of inflammation on http://coolinginflammation.blogspot.com/

Kefir has also been shown to reduce blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels. This in itself might help explain the connection seen in East Europe between kefir consumption and longevity.

If this is not enough to convince you of the brilliance of kefir, kefir also contains antioxidants and is antimutagenic. Antimutagenic means it protects against genetic mutations. Recent research have also shown that kefir suppresses growth of human breast cancers sell in a laboratory.

In all a pretty impressive list of benefits from this fermented milk drink. I have to admit I love kefir so much I would drink it even if it did nothing for my health. I am not complaining about the great benefits kefir brings with it though!

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