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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is getting a lot of attention lately. From mega-selling books like 'The Secret' and 'The Alchemist' to getting a fair amount of love from the online entrepreneur community. Instructions on how to apply the mental techniques required to benefit from the Law of Attraction abound, as does coursework and e-books promising to reveal the hidden secrets behind projecting success for yourself.

Basically the Law of Attraction is the underlying force that allows us to attract desired outcomes into our lives. By mental discipline it is possible to create powerful subliminal thought patterns that will manifest itself as actions and outcomes. By consciously forming these subconscious thought patterns we can weed out negative outcome and 'program' ourselves to achieve our goals and generate positive outcomes. It's a simple and wonderful idea, too bad it's a bunch of crap.

The Law of Attraction is nothing more than another vehicle for people to take advantage of other peoples desire to live successful and abundant lives. The idea that just wanting something intensely enough will make it manifest itself is obviously appealing and people are willing to fork over their cash to make it true. Fortunately though, reality doesn't changed based on what we all wish to come true. No amount of focused wishful thinking can change the physical reality we live in. The world is what it is, no matter how deeply we feel it should be different.

It is not difficult to see how people trick themselves into thinking that there is merit to the concept of the Law of Attraction though. First of all, the wish to believe can be a powerful illusion in itself. You don't have to look any further than the 'controversy' surrounding President Obama's birth certificate to realize that facts and reality stand no chance in the face of someone who wants to believe. The Law of Attraction is similar in the very convenient escape clauses that the theory allows for. After all, if you do not see the results you want it is easy to say you just didn't wish for it clearly enough. Your thoughts are still impure with doubt or conflicting signals. Of course, should you happen to see some of the results you want that is immediately accredited to the Law of Attraction.

So how come some people report that the Law of Attraction really works? I think it is partly because of the confirmation bias I described earlier, but also a misinterpretation of how our brains work. If you have ever bought a new car I am sure you have noticed a peculiar phenomenon: All of a sudden there are cars like your own everywhere. You notice the same kind of car several times a day while a few weeks ago there didn't seem to be any. This does not mean that your desire for that particular car has increased the number of cars in the world, it just means that we notice the things that are familiar and foremost in our minds. This simple property of our mind is what some try to label as the Law of Attraction.

So, there is no magic we can call upon to make our dreams materialize from thoughts, but there is an important message for us in there anyway. Imagine how much information you don't pick up on every day. The thousands of cars that pass you that you barely notice. It's the same way with ideas and opportunities. Great inspirations flicker and die out in our brains every day. If we are not focused on looking for these moments, they will pass us by without leaving a trace. And that is the true secret behind the Law of Attraction. Simply be aware and present in your life, and you will start to notice all the opportunities for growth that you pass up every day.

  1. Very interesting and though provoking post. Thank you for sharing!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

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