Thursday, April 28, 2011 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

Quality is King

This is a great time to be walking the earth. Thanks to the greatest invention of our time, the world is more connected and more reachable than ever before. The threshold for connecting with an audience is basically eliminated and anyone can effectively find a market for their ideas.

The ramifications of this shift are huge, and we are just seeing the beginning of the transformation it will lead to. It is changing the way we enjoy music, and the same change is taking place with other entertainment industries. Movies will follow down the same road, it is happening to books and writing as we speak. TV, games, and art are transforming as well, and the list goes on and on and on.

This shift gives everyone a tremendous opportunity to take control of their own work and put it in front of a huge potential market. The flip side is that with everyone having this opportunity, it gets a lot harder to stand out from the crowd and be visible.

The internet is extremely busy and full of the most amazing things you will ever see. It is also home to endless amounts of uninspired drivel and shouting. Take a cue from your own surfing habits: Where do you spend your time and attention on the internet? It's in the places where you find something of value. High quality information, unique interesting products, funny or amazing videos and inspiring stories. Exactly what falls into these categories is different for all of us, but they all have one thing in common. They represent work of high quality.

The challenge in our new economy is not to find a market, that has become incredibly easy. The hard pert is to create something that is of very high quality. One thing is to have a great idea, but to turn an idea into something of great value it requires work. Some people say you need hard work, but I prefer to call it good work. You need to do good work to create good stuff.

So how do we go about creating the very best things we can? It's easy to look at what other people have done and get down on yourself and your own efforts. We typically sample the very best work in the world that rises to the very top were everyone will see it, but measuring yourself against this is not productive. It is unreasonable to expect all your work to be the best the world has ever seen. It is also a great way of making sure you never let your work into the world. A much better measuring stick is yourself.

When you create something to share with others, let it be your goal to do the best work you have ever done. Go in ready to spend the time and effort to make it as good as you can. Sometimes you won't succeed and you'll know you could have done better. Show it off anyway and make it your goal to do better next time. Your audience will recognize the quality that comes from giving your best. More importantly, if you always striving to outperform yourself you will find that you are indeed capable of creating things of brilliance and outstanding quality. Your audience will know as well.

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