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How to fall asleep without medication

Sleep is more important to us than most people realize. Not only does it (hopefully) take up a lot of our time, but when you don't get enough sleep it is impossible to be on top of your game.

Everyone knows the feeling of staying awake into the early morning hours. Every time you glance over at the alarm clock, you're thinking about the morning that is drawing closer and the prospects of facing the day on too little rest. It's not a good feeling, and ironically, the more you tell yourself you really, really need to get some sleep, the harder it is to find.

When we get into this mindset the brain sabotages it's own desire to go to sleep. Luckily, for most of us these nights are exceptions. It happens, and it sucks, but we deal with it and the next night hopefully we fall asleep like babies. For many people though, getting enough sleep is a nightly  battle. In stead of rejuvenating, night become an exhausting ordeal stressing over sleep. Every night becomes a new attempt to outfox their own thoughts, to get the sleep they want, but struggle to find.

I hardly ever have problems with getting to sleep. Over the years I've discovered a few mental techniques that have been extremely helpful. While what works for me won't help for everyone I hope these tips can help some people get better sleep. Keep in mind though that there are medical conditions that can cause insomnia, if you struggle consistently with getting to sleep you should see your doctor.

We sleep so that our mind can relax, take a break and get ready for yet another day. It is a paradox that before the mind can relax, you need to relax your mind. When we go to bed with lot's of thing on our mind, it's hard to get to sleep. The more we are worried or concerned or even excited or happy, the harder it is to sleep.

Worries and problems are in ample supply, we all have things we can worry about and some times we find ourselves in situations where we seem overrun by problems. In times when problems seems to multiply it's hard to find peace of mind, and many nights are lost to endless thinking about a certain problem or situation.

The first thing I tell myself when I can tell that a problem might keep me awake is that whatever the problem is the middle of the night is hardly the best time to deal with it. As pressing as a situation seems to me, almost everybody else is asleep at 2:30 in the morning, and no matter how much I worry about my problems, I won't be able to deal with it in the middle of the night anyways. So I give myself permission to sleep through the night, and if the problem is serious enough, there will be plenty of opportunity to worry about it in the morning.

This technique is not only a good way to fall get better sleep. It is also a powerful mental technique for mastering your emotions. The ability to consciously override irrational emotions is a powerful tool for a courageous mind.

The most bizarre way to keep yourself awake, and we all do this, is to worry about not being able to sleep. Sometimes, after a series of failures to get to sleep, we even start worrying about not being able to sleep before we even make it to bed. The result is a powerful self fulfilling prophecy, and for every time we expect not to sleep, it get's more likely that we'll be right. The key to breaking out of these kinds of mindsets is to actively relax your mind. To actively relax sounds like an oxymoron, but we all have the power to control our own mind. We can at any time change what we think about, and that is the power that can be used to relax your mind, even when the mind itself is hellbent on not relaxing.

The technique I use every night to go to sleep fast, is very simple but also very powerful. Whenever I go to bed, I make sure to engage my mind in something that I really enjoy thinking about. The technique is really quite similar to counting sheep, only counting sheep is ultra boring. I find it very hard to keep my mind on  sheep for much time. Instead I think about things that I enjoy, and can think in great detail about without getting bored.

For example, when I go to bed, I often close my eyes and imagine I have enough money to build my dream house. I start with imagining what the house would look like on the outside, what kind of location would be perfect, the materials used and so on. I then go on to imagine myself walking into the house, and then go on to walk from room to room thinking about every little detail of the room, what kind of furniture I would put in this room, the colors on the wall, where I put the secret passageway to the library, and all sorts of details that I enjoy thinking about that will keep my mind effortlessly wandering. Usually I fall asleep in a few minutes after having mentally walked through just a couple of rooms.

Of course, to you, imagining a dream house might not be any more engaging than counting sheep, so for this to work, you need to find something that you really enjoy thinking about. Maybe you'll be more engaged by imagining yourself playing for your favorite football team, maybe you will mentally expand your business into a world dominating mega corporation. Maybe you imagine yourself as a world famous chef and mentally create amazing recipes.

The important thing is to find something that you really enjoy thinking about, and go into as much detail as you can. Your brain will slow down and fall asleep in a matter of minutes.

Sometimes though, even the most brilliantly detailed, super interesting idea won't be enough to keep your mind of whatever it is that keeps you from sleeping. When that happens, I use a technique I learned while I was reading about mind power techniques. The theory behind these techniques is that by lowering your brainwaves to the same wavelength as the universe, you'll be able to manipulate the world using only your mind. I don't believe in that theory myself, but the techniques used to lower the brainwaves is actually a great way to fall asleep.

To make myself fall asleep I will sometimes lie on my back, focus on relaxing my body and imagine my body filling up with bright red light. I make sure I imagine the light is filling my arms and legs all the way out into the fingers and toes, I try to feel the light flowing through my body until it fills me up, at that point I imagine the light leaving my body again in the form of a red mist. Then I start the process over with orange light and continue through the colors of the rainbow.

The different colors of the rainbow are supposed to represent the 7 different chakras, or energy centers, in your body. I use the same colors because it makes it easy to remember what color is next. This technique is very relaxing, and I fall asleep half way through the rainbow most times. I use this technique when my mind is very unsettled, since it's a very focused and systematic way of channeling your thoughts. This technique is not really supposed to make you fall asleep. It's supposed to connect you with the life force in the universe, but I find that it's better to use the opportunity to get some sleep, than to ask the lifeforce for a new car.

These techniques are very simple, and can be done by anybody. With a little bit of practice, you can make yourself fall alseep in a matter of minutes and enjoy a night of solid sleep. If you have problems with waking up often in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep, these tips will be equally helpful to get back to sleep in those situations.

  1. wow it works thank you i was reading this at about 10 30 and i have school in the morning i have had many problems before with sleep and i have tried all sorts of things and your idea works the best so i really just want to say thanks to u cause ever since i have been able to fall asleep within ten minutes of laying down

  1. @anynomous

    I am very happy to hear that you've found something that can help you fall asleep. Getting enough sleep is more important than most people realize. Thanks for your comment.

  1. If you find it difficult to go to sleep or to get to sleep, then you need to know what to do about it as this could affect your health badly.And this topic helps me a lot to sleep fast using a natural remedy

  1. Anonymous

    thnx guys i feel asleep within 5 minutes i had a test and a got a A+

  1. Counting sheep is really boring, I myself haven't tried it for me to sleep. Most of the time, I don't experience problem in sleeping, but when it attacks, I could not sleep for almost 3 hours. You have many unique techniques, I might as well adopt some of it during the times I have sleep problems. Thanks for sharing.

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