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A life of abundance

A life of abundance is not what most people imagine for themselves or even aspire to in most cases. It's more common to hear people say things like "I just want to be comfortable" or "I don't need much, I just don't want to have to worry about money all the time" or similar 'reasonable' goals.

Sure, everyone has dreams or fantasies of a life in bountiful abundance. A carefree existence of riches and luxury. In almost all cases, these kinds of fantasies are nothing more than pipe dreams. A nice daydream escape that's not really a goal we see as attainable.

Some people will claim that this kind of material abundance can be manifested from your thoughts. I don't think this is true. A life of abundance on the other hand is perfectly possible and available to every single one of us.

The modern Western mind almost automatically connect the concept of abundance with wealth. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be wealthy, in fact, I am sure being very wealthy is amazingly awesome. By definition though, extreme monetary wealth is not attainable for everyone. You have a much greater chance of living a life of abundance if you shift priorities away from accumulating money.

Having more money is an extremely common goal. Living in America the entire culture is geared towards making money and spending it again. But the concept of money carries in it a huge paradox. Hardly anybody actually wants money. What people want is the freedom that comes with having money. The great paradox is that in our quest for money we very often sacrifice the freedom that we already have.

Living in America you are constantly approached to spend money. Unlimited opportunities to buy something that will supposedly increase happiness. Not only is the happiness of buying new things shallow and short lived, but the pattern of always looking for the next thing to buy keeps us working day in and day out, and worse, creates a stressful life where we are always looking forward in time to the next big thing.

This pattern is extremely common in the world and I think it is responsible for the feeling of emptiness, lack of direction and mental restlessness that has become the new normal. To live a life of abundance and mental peace I recommend at least partially jumping of this hamster wheel form of living.

How many times have you heard the saying "The best things in life are free"? So often that it has become an empty phrase that doesn't really hold anything profound any more. As worn and empty as that phrase is though, it still holds the key to finding abundance. It is a fact that we are surrounded by an abundance of joy every single day. Most of the time we are just too busy spinning the hamster wheel to notice.

I am willing to bet that right now, you have immediate access to hundreds of sources of abundant joy and happiness. Without spending a cent you can find deep enjoyment right now. Maybe you have a tree in your neighborhood that is perfect for sitting under? If the tree is old you can find deep connections to the past imagining how the area around that tree has changed over the years. Maybe you have a letter from a good friend you can read again, a photo album, a special song on your ipod, a favorite painting, the options are limitless.

If you are in a relationship, take the time to really think about how awesome it is to have another life intertwined with yours. Maybe your relationship has worn a little stale with time? Take the time to really focus on the wonderful resource it is to have a whole human being as your partner. And when you do, share that thought and you will find that your relationship might not be as stale as you think.

These are two examples of abundant sources of joy for me personally. I take great pleasure from observing the beauty of nature around me and from seeing the beauty in my close relationships. You might have other things and thoughts that give you the same deep feeling of joy and gratitude. It is not important what these things are, the important thing is that you pay attention to them and give them time and space in your every day life.

That is all that is needed to fill your life with abundance. Just slow down enough to notice all the fantastic and wonderful things and people  that surround you every day. Don't let the days pass you buy while you are rushing forward to the next event or paycheck or trip to the mall. Make every day a day where you stop to think about and be grateful for all the great things in this world. In short, be present in your own life. You will not regret it.

  1. I don't believe that the best things in life are free. I KNOW the best things in life are those upon which we can't put a pricetag! Therein lies the two primary differences.
    The primary fact is that a spouse, a lover, a child, a friend can't be bought. (OK, but only till you run out of money.) Your feelings of happiness can't be bought- even the drug that brings euphoria does not afford happiness. These are not free- you have to devote energy and attention to nurture them.

    And, stop pretending. Use all your energy to revel in your gifts!

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