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Things that make me happy

No matter where we live or who we are, one thing unites all of humankind. As different as we are and as many different approaches we have come up with we all share one common goal. In one way or another, our ultimate goal is to be happy.

We all strive for happiness. It is important to recognize that we can't always be happy, but it is equally important to understand that the best time to find happiness is right now. Too many people push the goal of feeling happy ahead of themselves while they take care of other 'important' business. Especially in the US do people tend to trade in happiness for secondary things like making money or buying fancy things.

We all have plenty of opportunities in our lives to focus on things that don't make us happy. There is probably a number of things right now that you could choose to think about that you wish very different or better. This will always be the case, so it's not difficult to spend a life time thinking about what needs to improve in your life.

But the opposite is also true, there are always plenty of things to focus on that makes us happy. Keeping your mind on the things in your life that makes you happy will increase your happiness in itself. With that in mind, here is a list of a few things that makes me happy.

Walking in the forest
 Just being in the forest makes me happy. The natural beauty and the serene surroundings makes me happy just thinking about it. Surrounding yourself with dense forest greenery is a great way to really connect with nature

I love my wife
I have been married for a while. I admit it's easy to slip into a routine where things are taken for granted, but I still get very happy when I think about my wife, our history and that she still can be bothered to stay with me. I make it a point to let her know this.

Walking barefoot in grass
The feeling of cool soft grass under my bare feet is fantastic. It makes me feel that I am a human in my proper element.

Seeing my kids laugh and smile
Having kids is a true blessing. As any parent will know, my first priority in everything I do is to help my kids grow up as strong, confident, well adjusted humans. When I see their faces filled with joy and laughter it fills me with deep and profound happiness.

Feeling my body functioning well
Sometimes I hit a zone where I feel like my body can go on forever. It could be walking and feeling the power of each stride, or running and feeling like I am unstoppable. The feeling of using my body well gives me great satisfaction.

A moment of peace
Like most people, my days are way to busy and filled with tasks and chores from morning to night. Whenever I get a chance to disconnect completely and spend a moment only on myself, I make sure to make the most of it.

A favorite song on the radio
When you just happen to catch the perfect song on the radio, a dull everyday moment can be instantly transformed into a wild dance party. Nothing is more fun than letting lose and rocking out to a great song on the radio. Share with other likeminded humans for maximum happiness.

To start a trip with little luggage
I love traveling. I particularly love traveling with a minimum of luggage. Starting a long journey without luggage gives me a feeling of great freedom and adventure.

These are a few thing that never fail to make me happy. Just taking the time to make a list like this helps keeping me happy. What things or activities makes you happy? Do yourself a favor and spend some time thinking about your own happiness. I would love it if you would share your personal list of happy items with me in the comments.

  1. Anonymous

    I am in the challenge: Jackie Paulson
    Blog URL: http://jackiepaulsontoday.blogspot.com/
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/focusawareness
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TRUTHSEEKER1966
    I love to read, write and share knowledge, I am a Truthseeker.

    I love to walk in nature and I am learning how to meditate and relax. It sure is not easy to reprogram myself. I am on my way. Thanks for this article. I am a new follower.

  1. I'm in the blog challenge too. I really enjoyed reading all the various things that make you happy. Very encouraging post.

  1. Being by the sea
    Reading a good book
    Walking my dog
    Clearing my mind and spending dedicated time with my kids
    Having a clean & tidy home
    Doing GOOD
    Being with friends
    My family

    Have you discovered Action for Happiness? Great site at http://www.actionforhappiness.org/

  1. SUCH a good idea - keeping a list of things that create happiness in the heart.

    What makes me happy?

    An intense Texas-blue sky from horizon to horizon.

    Planning & talking about the future with my husband, Rob.

    Any books, all books, every book, many books, big books, small books, children’s books, romance books, picture books, cook books, non-fiction books, old books, new books (you get the idea)

    Roasting marshmallows over a campfire.


    Thanks for a great start to my Saturday, Havard! (I have a big smile on my face))

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