Saturday, July 16, 2011 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

The web of happiness

Happiness is not some random accident that happens beyond our control. Rather, being happy is a choice we can make. This is a powerful realization as being happy is the most common 'end goal' we have as human beings. The universal and yet often elusive goal of being happy is right there in front of us, ready for the taking.

The key to choosing happiness is to realize another monumental fact: We have more power to pick our emotions than most people realize. Our emotions are not cast upon us by an unstoppable external force, they are really just natural consequences of our conscious and unconscious thoughts.

Choosing your own emotional response to things means you can choose to be happy whenever you decide. Of course, the flip side of this knowledge is that you can no longer blame others for how you feel.

The best way I know of to make myself feel happy is to learn about the things other people feel happy about.

Just the other day I discovered a website that made me very happy. It is called http://makesmethink.com and it is basically a place where people can submit a short blurb about something that made them stop and think.

There is no requirement that these submissions have to be about happiness, or even anything positive, but I find it encouraging to see that most of the entries are upbeat and happy observations. If you want to make sure this website gives you nothing but a happiness thrill ride however, you can browse only the 'Happy' category at http://makesmethink.com/category/1/Happy.

If you decide to check out this website, and I greatly encourage you to do so, then try to see the common thread that weaves together a web of happiness in the various posts. This snapshot into what thousands of different people are happy about can be seen as a powerful lesson in our own lives.

There are virtually no posts about people being happy about getting a raise or promotion, buying a new thing or looking beautiful. The overwhelming message is that people are awestruck with happiness when they connect with other people. We are happiest when we see past the herds we live in and see individual people and form a relationship however short and fleeting it might be. It seems to me the key to true happiness is to connect and share with other people. Helping others and giving unconditionally not only drives our own happiness, but it leaves a shining moment for others to see and be inspired by.

Visiting this website reminded me why I love people so much. Most of us are pretty amazing.

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