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Why you should meditate

Meditation is a skill that can be hard to learn. It will require daily commitment and practice. For a culture that is so focused on immediate satisfaction of desires, learning to meditate takes a radical shift in priorities. Meditation will take weeks if not months of practice before you start seeing the true results. If you want to master meditation, be prepared to spend a life time.

So with your day already filled to the seams with tasks and activities, why should you invest the time to basically learn how to think about nothing? The benefits of meditation manifest in small iterations, but over time you will see amazing results from dedicated meditation.

The most immediate benefit of meditation is that it reduces stress. For very stressed people, the relief meditation can bring to an over extended mind can be instant and powerful. Being stressed out is terrible for you, both mentally and physically, so using meditation for short term stress relicloselef is most certainly worth the time and effort.

The greatest benefits of reducing stress however goes beyond just calming down. Stress is closely related to heart conditions, and reducing chronic stress is one of the best ways to lower the chance of a heart related disease.

The damage of stress goes further than the heart though. Research is linking high stress to a number of health problems including overweight, depression and  insomnia. In short, reducing the amount of stress you feel is beneficial on many different levels.

Meditation also helps boost creativity. While creativity thrives on the mind being stimulated by many different influences, we can not take advantage of this inspiration without focus and clarity of mind. Meditation is the very best way to develop your ability to focus. Clarity follows automatically as the constant buzz and chatter of the mind is silenced. Creativity is becoming ever more important in almost all lines of work, so boosting it is a good investment no matter what you do.

Yet another benefit of meditation is that it trains the mind to stay focused on the present. Too much time is wasted today by filling our minds with what we need to do tomorrow or what happened yesterday. The ability to focus on the present moment is a key component to feeling happier.

In addition to making you happier, meditation also reduces feelings of fear and anxiousness.The double whammy of increasing happiness and reducing fear should be a powerful incentive for people to get started with meditation.

Finally, the ultimate goal of meditation is to develop full control over your own thoughts. This means the ability to accept or reject thoughts that come into our mind at will. It even means gaining the ability to think of absolutely nothing if that is your desire. This level of mastery over your own mind requires years of practice. But once we get closer to this goal we can reap the peace of mind and laser sharp focus that comes with the ability to choose your thoughts and feelings.

  1. Meditation is really very important for reducing stress, it will give relief to the person who do Meditation.

  1. Meditation provides the internal peace.. so everyone should do this for pece mind..

  1. how do you recommend one start their meditation journey?

  1. @Abu I wrote a post about how to meditate here How to meditate

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