Tuesday, August 2, 2011 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

Do you realize?

It is very human, but also very unfortunate, that we tend to lose sight of the things we see often and that are very near. The many marvels of the world around us pass us by as we hustle about always keeping busy. We don't spend nearly enough time appreciating what we already have.

This tendency is very easy to spot in the way most of us think about ourselves. We are so used to being ourselves that we hardly ever take time to think about how awesome we really are. You are endlessly valuable to the world! Your stories and memories, thoughts and emotions are one of a kind. You have enough stories to fill more books than anyone could ever read. A mind filled to the brim with unique insights.

How often do we overlook our brilliance? Do you realize how amazing your abilities really are? How often do we belittle ourselves by thinking we are nothing special? Play down our achievements and compare ourselves to other people? Stop it right now! Realize that you are truly amazing.

Familiarity breeds contempt they say. This might be true, but that should be nothing more than a call for us to be extra vigilant. We are more familiar with ourselves than with anyone else and this familiarity does lead to self defeat. Not only can this lead to self doubt, it also makes us downplay the things we actually accomplish.

For example, when we get really good at something it gets a lot easier to do it. Instead of celebrating ourselves when we achieve this, most people will downplay
their own skill. Say thing like "It was nothing" and actually mean it. When something has become easy for us we tend to not see it as an accomplishment to do it well anymore.

It is sad and ironic that millions of people struggle with low self esteem and poor self image when they should be bursting with self pride. When all successes gets downplayed, it is easy to focus on what we think are failures. This skewed view of ourselves leads to self doubt and ultimately is what keeps people from really reaching for great things.

Stop this kind of thinking today. Never beat yourself up over again. Instead, make it a point to complement yourself at every opportunity. Complement yourself for the things you used to think were too small to even notice. Even in the smallest things we do there are great things to be proud of. Acknowledge every little victory, and don't dwell for a second on your tiny insignificant setbacks.

If something clearly needs to be adjusted in your life, don't spend any energy blaming yourself for what has been going on. Instead, resolve to make the changes you need and take action towards improvement. And when you do, make sure to shower yourself in praise for all that you can manage.

It is amazing to realize how awesome you really are. But it gets better. When you learn to see yourself as the unique and valuable person you are you are just one step away from realizing that the same is true for everyone else around you. The people in your life are just as magnificent as you! They have their own great stories, brilliant ideas and powerful emotions. Just like are a priceless treasure, so are the people you meet in your life.

Never forget this. Meet people with a clear understanding that they have an internal world every bit as complex and secret as your own. Treat them with the same respect you now should have for yourself. Let the people close to you know that you understand what endless riches they are giving you by being close to you. Be gentle with the human treasures we are.

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