Friday, August 12, 2011 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

Great primal and paleo resources

I am a big believer in the advantages of adapting a primal lifestyle. I've adapted the primal way of life to fit my own lifestyle and preferences, but I still find the basic premises of primal living to be very helpful.

I have made a few posts explaining my own approach to primal eating and exercise, but I have barely scratched the surface of  what primal or paleo life is all about. For anyone who is interested in learning more about the science behind and the practice of the primal lifestyle, here is a collection of excellent resources for you to enjoy.

A list like this has to start with Mark Sisson's marksdailyapple.com. Mark Sisson coined the phrase 'primal' with his book 'The primal Blueprint' and his blog has daily tidbits about the lifestyle. He takes a scientific approach to many of the questions concerning ancestral health.

Equally i conic in the paleo camp is Robb Wolf who is behind the book and podcast called 'The Paleo Solution'. The podcast can be found at robbwolf.com along with massive amounts of information about a paleo diet. Like Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf has a decidedly scientific approach to the lifestyle.

These two websites are among the biggest in the ancestral health universe, and probably well known to most interested in a primal lifestyle. For the rest of this post I will focus on the lesser know gems in the community.

The first stop on the round trip of the paleo world is at  modernpaleo.com. This site is run by Diana Hsieh and is heavily focused on building a paleo community. The site offers a blog that covers questions about paleo living along with information about the life style in general. Modernpaleo.com is also the home of the excellent Paleo Rodeo, a blog carnival for paleo themed blogs. This resource is excellent for finding out what is going on in the community.

Second link I want to point out is cavemanhomecompanion.com. This site is run by Kit Kymla and is filled with humorous takes on many primal concepts. Kit is a great caveman barbecue master, and provides many great and original recipes on his blog.

Another must read website is balancedbites.com. This site is run by Diane Sanfilippo. Diane is a holistic nutritional expert who focuses on a paleo approach. She does client coaching and maintainces a great website that is full of great resources for the primal practitioner. The site has some great recipes, but the biggest value for me are the motivational posts and the excellent guides Diane has created.

Richard Nickoley throws more than a few torches on his blog freetheanimal.com. Richard's style is fiery and sometimes controversial, but his approach to health and fitness is firmly rooted in human evolution and the individuals responsibility for themselves. Both of these aspects are extremely important.

This collection of links will give a broad exposure to the paleo community and provide many opportunities to follow different thoughts on and approaches to health. Do yourself a favor and check these websites out.

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