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How to not make money online

The internet has made it a lot easier for individuals to start their own businesses and make a profit. There are tons of free tools that anyone can leverage to make money. Most importantly the internet lets you put your products in front of over a billion people for free.

With so many opportunities to make money online it's only natural that some methods are, lets just say less than perfect. These questionable deals range from offering very poor pay to down right scams. So if you are interested in using the internet to make some money, here is a list of things to avoid at all cost.

Getting paid to search
Sites like swagbuck, iRazoo and ZoomBucks all work of the same premise: Get paid while using the internet just liek you would anyway. After signing up you will typically be rewarded virtual currency for searching the web, filling out surveys, voting in polls and all manner of stuff. This might sound like a great way to make some money while not having to do anything you're not already doing anyway.

The truth is that sites like these pay very, very poorly. The time you spend racking up virtual bills is better spent focusing on better paying opportunities. Typical payout for a months worth of web browsing and survey taking is $10 - $15. That is a terrible monthly wage, especially considering the amount of time spent earning such a measly amount. Sites like these makes their virtual currency seem easy to make, but the exchange rates are always set so you need thousands of virtual 'bucks' to make a few real dollars.

Online surveys
There are many survey companies popping up all over the internet. These companies offer cash for filling out market research studies. Again, this kind of work is extremely easy to do and in ample supply. However, it is very difficult to make decent money this way.

A survey will typically pay anything from a couple of dimes up to a dollar or two. The shorter and most available surveys yielding the least amount. Typically survey sites will show a list of available surveys, some of them seeming quite lucrative. You will quickly notice that it is a lot harder to get accepted for the best paying surveys. They basically function as 'door busters', deals that seem pretty good, but you will not be able to get.

You will be lucky if you make much more than $4 - $5 an hour filling in online surveys. This is very boring work at terrible pay. Even the unenviable position of online data entry will pay twice this amount while being just as boring.

Paid per click
Possibly the worst of all money making opportunities are the pay per click sites. The idea here is that you get paid for clicking on ads and spending a certain amount of time on the loaded page. This is a task that requires absolutely no skill and so pays extremely poorly. Again, you will end up spending an incredible amount of time to scrape together a minimum of money. Don't expect to get paid more than $1 an hour for your efforts, you would probably end up making far less. Getting paid per click is the same as throwing your time away.

Multi level marketing
Multi level marketing means one thing: Pyramid scheme. There are numerous ways of structuring these operations to conceal the true nature of these businesses. In the end the concept is the same as for a straight ponzi scheme. The system relies on recruiting new members constantly to maintain the payouts through the chain. As soon as recruitment stalls the company collapses and the people who run it end up with all the money.

Multi level marketing operations are associated with high risk, usually require you to commit to buying a minimum of products each month and are basically unethical. And also keep in mind, no matter how polite your friends and family are, no one likes to be constantly pitched products of dubious quality at a steep price.

The internet is a great venue for making money, but it is also filled with scams and rotten deals. In the end, the internet has created a world of new opportunities but the old rules still apply. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is and no one ever did something great without hard work.

So go ahead and add to your earnings by leveraging the opportunities an internet based business offers, but stay away from these terrible online gigs.

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