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Steak tartare

In my primal arsenal, there's no dish that makes me feel more than a savage caveman than steak tartare. Not only is steak tartare made mostly from raw meat, it is topped of with a raw egg yolk. Does it get any more primal?

I've been a big fan of steak tartare ever since I first tasted it when I was a young boy. These days I eat it at least once a week. When no one is watching, I even some times eat it with my hands and feel like a wild animal. After a serving or two of steak tartare I feel ready to go forth and tear down a volcano. I love steak tartare.

I guess I should issue a warning before getting to the recipe. Steak tartare is not undercooked meat, it is completely raw, same goes for the egg. If you are concerned about food borne illnesses from undercooked meat, steak tartare is not a good dish for you.

For the brave at heart, this is what you will need for the ultimate in raw food:

1 pound of high quality ground beef
4 eggs
White onion
Pickled beets
Salt and pepper

Mix the meat, salt and pepper in a bowl. Form the mixture into two patties with a deep indention in the middle. Separate the eggs and place two egg yolks in each indention. Cut the onion through the middle and slice of one onion ring. Separate the slice of onion into onion rings and place them around the egg yolks. Sprinkle liberally with capers. Add a couple slices of pickled beets if so desired. I usually skip he beets.

In just a couple of minutes you can put together an extremely delicious and massively primal dish. For the best possible results use high quality meat. Traditionally steak tartare is made from ground tenderloin, but most cuts of beef will work fine. You can even use regular ground beef to save some money.

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