Monday, September 5, 2011 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

31 day primal challenge - update

I have been very strictly primal for almost a full month now. This is the forth update which means I've been staying away from sugar, grains and dairy for 28 days. At this point, sticking to a very strict eating plan is easier than ever before. After 28 days my primal plan has settled into a routine, almost a habit. I rarely get cravings anymore which makes sticking with the plan a lot easier.

Over the past 4 weeks I've seen many benefits of cutting out all forms of primal cheating. When I weighed in this morning I was down to 223 pounds; a total weight loss of 17 pounds in 4 weeks. Most significantly; I weighed in 7 pounds under what has been a very stubborn weight plateau for me.

The 31 day challenge has also seen me do a lot more strength training than I usually do. I have made great progress for all the muscle groups I train, so I know I have gained muscle mass. That makes the 17 pound weight loss even sweeter.

As for my super ambitious goal of mastering at least one pull up I am going to declare that goal achieved as well. Admittedly my successful pull up might not have been with 100% proper form, but it is important to acknowledge your victories and my slightly bent at the elbows pull up is a major victory for me.

The primal challenge runs for three more days but I am already ready to declare the project a huge success. I encourage anyone who is looking to improve their health to give a one month primal challenge a try.

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