Friday, September 9, 2011 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

Is your life running too fast?

Modern life is fast paced and busy. Ask anyone the question "How is work going?" and they will very often answer that they have been busy. Usually they don't offer details about why they are so busy, they just are. We are increasingly conditioned to think that being busy is a sign of being successful.

Being busy at work means business is good and we are valuable assets. To be busy in life means we are living full lives filled to the maximum with great experiences. The truth however is that being busy is very stressful. Being consumed in work or activity can be very rewarding, but being constantly busy and wrapped up in minor details is draining. Just like periods of exercise needs to be balanced with periods of rest, we need moments of peace to balance bouts of being busy.

I believe the pressure to always be 'on' is responsible for seriously degrading the quality of life for many. Not having enough down time and rushing through life can lead to all sorts of physical fatigue syndromes. It also wears out the mind and cause mental challenges like depression, sense of hopelessness, loss of self confidence and self belief and many other modern day conditions.

The pace of life has sped up to a point where more and more people are losing touch with the basic meanings of being a human. The way we try to deal with it is through more and more medication. I think a cheaper, healthier and more effective approach is to slow down and reconnect with the things that we find fulfilling and important.

If you are wondering if you are running your life too fast you can do a simple test right now: Simply get a watch, sit down and close your eyes and keep then closed without doing anything for what you feel is exactly one full minute. When you open your eyes check how ling you really kept your eyes closed. If less than 55 seconds have passed it's likely your life is moving too fast.

This test is very simple and can be done by anyone at virtually any time. Use the results of the test to remind yourself to slow down. Don't let your life run by, but stay mindful of the things that brings joy and happiness to your life.

  1. Håvard Hegtun, I really enjoy reading your website blog entries. Keep it up! You are so right about us working too much & over-medicating! So many people I know in Minnesota where I live work multiple jobs and work more than 40 hours a week and hardly have any time to enjoy their lives! Why work so much for $$$ if you don't even have the time to spend that $$$ on things you enjoy? That's also another reason why we need worker's rights & unions to protect things like the 40-hour work week, the weekend, overtime pay, paid holidays & vacations, & parental leave. I'm afraid that America is way behind other countries (especially countries like Norway and other European counties) in this regard. Hope you're getting outside & enjoying the summer! It won't be too long before it snows here in Minnesota. I am trying to get in as many bike rides as I can! :)

  1. @Brian, Thank you for the praise! It is great to hear that you enjoy what I have to say.

    I don't want to get too political on this blog, but I have lived both in Europe and in the US and I can say you are absolutely right. The US is way behind when it comes to protecting wage earners. It is unfortunate, because a more reasonable amount of vacation and time of would increase worker productivity.

    And finally, enjoy the snow when it comes. It is about the only thing I don't miss about living in Norway :)

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