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How to take action

Whatever you aspire to accomplish, procrastination can be a deadly foe. It is easy to spend hours and days planning what you want to do and how to do it, without ever actually doing it. Of course, ideas without action are a waste of time. Without the will to act nothing will ever be completed.

These simple facts are easy to understand, but how do you get from realizing that you need to take action to actually buckling down and doing something? After all, the procrastinator isn't slacking off because he doesn't know any better. At the heart of inaction is a lack of motivation to act.

The key to taking meaningful action is to beat this lack of motivation. Luckily there is a very simple way to build irresistible motivation. This technique also has the added benefit of showing you if your goals are worth pursuing or not.

To build strong motivation for action try working from a different starting point. When we try to talk ourselves into taking action we most often try to make ourselves work despite our inclination to do nothing. It is very difficult to build enthusiasm and motivation from this starting point. It will also most often lead to less than stellar work.

Instead of forcing yourself to take action try a different approach the nest time you need to take action. Start the process by simply focusing on the end goal of what you are trying to achieve. Imagine in vivid detail that you have already accomplished what you want to do. You've already doubled your income, or built a hugely successful website or whatever your goals might be. Let your self really take in the detail of how it feels to have that particular goal reached.

After a few minutes of really getting into the details of what you are trying to do you will start to build great enthusiasm for this goal. The more you imagine it the more powerful the desire to make it happen becomes. Pretty soon you will be itching to move towards completing this goal. This is when you ask yourself the question:

What can I do right now to move towards this goal?

With a burning desire to complete your goal and a clear action in mind on how to get there it is impossible not to act. It will probably be a lot more difficult to keep procrastinating than to take decisive action. The best part is that taking action feeds back into the enthusiasm you already have for your goals. This creates a feed back loop where you can fuel a series of meaningful action steps towards accomplishing your goals.

But what do you do if you keep visualizing that you have achieved something, but it doesn't stir you into action or excite your mind much? If this is the case you have a sure fire guarantee that whatever goal you are chasing is not worth the effort for you. You are chasing up the wrong tree and should reconsider your priorities.

I use this technique all the time when I want to produce content for this blog. If you have projects you work on where you tend to procrastinate, give this tip a try. You will find that you hold the key in your own mind to drive yourself to take massive action.

  1. You have touched upon many excellent points! The words "burning desire" have been my key to taking inspired action.

    Visualizing a positive and successful outcome helps tremendously in motivating myself to "perform with excellence".

    I love the question "What can I do right now to move towards this goal?" because it is solution oriented. This is a powerful reminder that we are indeed victors and not victims. Thank you so much. Great post!

  1. Great points. I've been procrastinating for a long while on completing a huge project. I do EVERYTHING except work on it. I'm going to use your technique of visualizing the end product and attack it from there .... Thanks.

  1. @Kadena Thank you for your comment.

    To ask yourself what the next action step towards your goal is is a well documented tip for productivity. But asking this question from a position of being highly motivated unleashes exceptional results!

    Thanks for reading my blog!

  1. @Lori to procastinate on our grand ideas is most often motivated by fear, and more often than not the fear of wasting the grand idea if we don't implement it 'just right'. There is no better way to waste an idea than to not act on it though.

    I hope you give the technique I described a go and see fantastic results towards your goals!

    Thanks for your comment.

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