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Natural allergy cure

About 15 years ago I started noticing the first signs of developing an allergy. I never had any kind of intolerances when I was a child, so the itchy eyes and runny nose was confusing at first. In a couple of years my allergy symptoms went from mild to so severe I would lose several days of work every allergy season.

From the calendar I decided I was allergic to grass pollen. A couple of years further down the road I started reacting to other types of pollen as well and I decided it was time to talk to my doctor.

My doctor explained how allergies work with an analogy. He said allergies are like structures. Every allergen we are exposed to adds to the building of an allergic response. When the 'building' gets complex enough the body reacts no matter what you are exposed to.

This analogy was a great fit with my personal experience. My allergies had built up over time before suddenly turning dramatically worse. To treat my allergies my doctor explained that if you break down the pattern of allergic reactions the 'allergy building' has to be re-built.

To break up my allergic reaction he gave me a deposit shot of cortisone. The shot had immediate effect and took away all my allergy symptoms. The relief was unbelievable, but the real magic was that when the next allergy season came along my symptoms were almost non-existent.

Unfortunately, as the years passed the allergy gradually returned. I got another cortisone shot despite being weary of the potential side effects. I had resigned to the fact that I would either have to get cortisone injections for the rest of my life, or deal with severe pollen allergies every summer.

When I moved from Norway to the USA I got one allergy free season. Without exposure to the pollens from home I didn't have to worry about allergies for one summer. The relief was short lived however. I soon started developing the same intolerances to my new environment. My doctor had no interest in using cortisone injections against allergies so I was left with containing the symptoms with anti-histamines. This has never been very effective for me before and proved less than ideal again. I was getting very frustrated with my worsening allergies.

Fast forward a couple of years. I started a low-carb diet to try to control my weight. It was successful for a while but ultimately unsuccessful. The experience did however lead me to going primal, which changed my life. On a primal diet I have not only lost a lot of weight, I have also gotten rid of life long migraines. The changes in my health were so profound that I will never go back to a 'regular' diet.

This summer I noticed that I didn't have any allergy symptoms what so ever. What's more, I have not had an allergic reactions since I started my low-carb diet a few years ago. This realization was profound. My allergies had disappeared without me even realizing.

I am not a doctor, but this fact had me thinking back to what my doctor in Norway had said about allergies. They are triggered by the compound effect of many different allergens. I realize that my allergies were not really triggered by pollen, they were triggered by food sensitivities. Over time the exposure to high sugar and white flour rich foods had built up a 'allergy structure' in my body. The pollen was just the trigger that released my potential allergies.

Ever since I have replaced the high sugar foods from my diet my 'allergy building' is no longer growing larger every year. Taking away the building blocks has broken down the allergy response, not unlike what the cortisone shots used to do.

Eating clean whole foods is a lot less scary than injecting cortisone into your muscles, but for me the effect on my allergies has been the same. I could not be happier.

  1. I have come to the same conclusion in the past couple of years and have started to eat more and more whole foods. Gradually my allergies have disappeared. I also discovered years ago that it helped to not eat bananas or apples in allergy season, I read it in a magazine and it worked quite well. I have no idea why :)

  1. @Kama Thanks for your comment! Very interesting that you have the same experience. For me it is wheat flour and sugar that triggers allergies, I guess people are just different :)

  1. Anonymous

    I too suffer from allergies; the difference is I can't remember ever NOT having itchy eyes, congested sinuses, and headaches. I started my paleo journey a little over a year ago, but I still have these issues. I also get no relief, just side effects, from allergy medicines. I have never received a cortisone shot, though.

    I eat little to no grains, I limit my sugar intake, and I've even cut out dairy (although I have reintroduced dairy after seeing no difference). I'm not sure what causes my allergy symptoms, but reading your experience helps me to not give up. I will continue to tweak and hopefully I will find relief as you have!

    Thanks for sharing!

  1. @Ali I developed my allergies as an adult. I think it's different when you grow up with allergies. At least that's how it seems for my good friend who had grass pollen allergy as a kid.

    In keeping with my favorite cure for everything I will recommend that you start drinking kefir :) I am just half joking, I think strengthening the gut flora and reducing systematic inflammation have to help against allergies.

    I am sorry to hear about your allergies, it really is a challenge to live with. I hope you find your cure soon!

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for your response! I agree with you about reducing inflammation. I can ignore the symptoms most of the time as I'm used to them, but what made me try to figure out their cause was the doctor telling me I have chronic inflammation in my throat (and probably throughout my sinuses, although the doctor did not say that). It made me realize it's not normal to have these symptoms all the time.

    I have tried store-bought kefir once and I could not handle the taste. Is there a brand that you could recommend I try? I am very interested, but intimidated by kefir! 8)

  1. @ali I make my own kefir and prefer it that way. The best brand I know is Lifeway. Get the plain variety, and don't get the low-fat one. Try it with strawberries. Or
    in a smoothie. Always drink it cold.

    If you can't get used to kefir, there are a number of other inflammation fighting foods. Leafy greens, almonds, yogurt amongst others.

    There's too much to go into in just a comment, but if you would like to know more about how I got rid of chronic sinusitis, please feel free to mail me at havard.hegtun@gmail.com

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks, Havard! I bought some Lifeway plain kefir yesterday and am giving it a try. I appreciate your help!

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