Wednesday, October 5, 2011 Post By: Grayne Wetzky

Why kefir is awesome

I am a huge kefir fan. I love everything about it, from the history of the drink, the flavor to the amazing benefits it has for the body. I think it's a shame that kefir is not more popular in the US, but it seems like this amazing drink is finally getting some attention.

You might ask, just what is so fantastic about kefir? Well, let me count the ways:

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that helps build a well functioning gut flora. The gut has a much more essential role in overall health than many people realize. A well functioning digestive system is not only essential for getting energy from your food, it is also very important for the immune system.

Kefir contains more beneficial bacteria and yeasts than yogurt and other 'gut friendly' foods. The good bacteria and yeasts help keep infections and inflammation in check. The bacteria in kefir has been shown to inhibit salmonella and e.coli. The yeasts in kefir is helpful against candidiasis. Kefir has antibacterial and antifungal properties. In short, kefir is not just healthy, it is supremely good for you.

Vitamins and minerals
Kefir provides easily digestible vitamins, amino acids, minerals, proteins and enzymes. It's a great source of calcium, vitamin A and D and magnesium. It is also typically digestible for people who are lactose intolerant. It also contains trace minerals that are used by the nervous system. Kefir can help calming nerves and can be used to ease depressions.

Fights cancer
Some recent research has found that kefir inhibits the growth of human breast cancer cells. This is exciting news to me and I hope kefir gets more attention as a food that is beneficiary against this disease. Other animal experiments have shown kefir to have anti tumor properties. It sounds too good to be true, but when you look at the ways kefir supports full body health it is not a stretch to imagine it being helpful against cancer.

Anti allergenic
Kefir is also a well known to reduce or even eliminate allergies. It is particularly effective at preventing allergies and eczema in children. Allergies, and especially food allergies, can be caused by imbalances in the gut flora. Kefir corrects these imbalances very effectively and this is thought to be the reason why kefir helps fight allergies.

The list of potential benefits of kefir is even longer, people claim it helps with anything from ADHD to IBS and a whole host of diseases in between. The reason why kefir seems to help against so many different ailments is because diseases are more interconnected than we realize. Many diseases are various symptoms of the same underlying cause: systematic inflammation. Inflammation seems to be involved in a long list of issues. And inflammation is caused by imbalances is the body.

Kefir is great for bringing balance to the body. It promotes a healthy and balanced gut flora which in turn helps fight of a multitude of microorganisms. The amazing benefits of kefir are rooted in it's ability to restore balance to the body. When our bodies are in proper balance, they have a much easier time fighting off illness.

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