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You might wonder what kefir has to do with the main topic of this blog, which is to explore ways to develop an honest and courageous mindset. Of course, part of the mission of this blog is to explore how to reclaim your own health. That in turn has everything to do with what we eat and drink, and kefir plays a role here. However, there are other reasons why I have chosen kefir as the poster child for this blog.

Kefir, especially homemade kefir, requires a courageous mind. First of all, for an American audience kefir is not particularly main stream. It's a foreign drink that doesn't have a natural place in American cuisine. So right of the bat it takes an enquiring mind to even get to know about kefir.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have discovered kefir, the drink is typically one of those things you would not consider making yourself. While the process is interesting and not very complicated, kefir is in a way similar to butter. It is very easy to make your own butter, but most people would rather just buy some at the store. So, to take the step of acquiring kefir seeds and starting up your own kefir production takes unconventional thinking.

Finally, kefir is very healthy and tasty, but there's no way around the fact that it is also fermented milk. Kefir is made by putting bacteria in milk and let it sit out at room temperature for a full day. The result is sour milk filled with bacteria. It takes courage, both of the mind and the body to drink fermented milk.

So to me, homemade kefir represents perfectly the concepts I try to explain and promote on this blog. Self relience in making your own kefir rather than letting someone else make it for you. Courage needed to drinking what most people are conditioned from a young age to avoid; sour milk. Health from the extraordinary benefits of kefir. Finally, making your own kefir saves a lot of money over buying the very expensive brands at the grocery store.

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